The arabian door post

Wood in the service of mankind, 5 : arabian doors and windows

From rustic and ornamented to fake and secure: the march of progress…

collection of traditional window shutters

traditional wooden lock (not a hairbrush!)

rustic door – pure craft, and not much art

functional and decorative



colorful but muted

modern colours

modern preservatives


traditional theme in the kitchen


strictly for the tourist

metal takes over – safe and secure, but no longer wooden

  1. Luke Shenefield said:

    Hi – I just inherited some of these. My dad working in Jordan and Saudi Arabia in the 70s. Any idea where I can get them appraised? Not easy to find. Where did you get these pictures?

    • Pictures taken last year in Saudi Arabia, mainly in museums and tourist sites, which may be where your pieces belong! Sorry – can’t help with appraisers, and not even sure which country you are in. Good luck!

  2. Luke Shenefield said:

    I’m in CA. I sent an email to the Arab Cultural Center in San Francisco. Let’s see what they say. Thank you.

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